Core Value Training :


The most important asset of any business is the knowledge, skills and abilities of its human resources. Think Consultant assists you in developing your employees in a cost effective way by offering custom training programs. These programs, offered for 3 or more participants, provide critical knowledge and skills necessary in today’s competitive marketplace. And as part of an established university you know we will continue to be here to serve you as a resource even after the training.



Purpose :



To accelerate the learning and skills for those individuals prepared to take their personal lives and professional careers to a higher level. This intensive Core Value Training will address critical issues confronting us in the 21st Century. Attendees will learn how to ask the rightquestions and to then find answers and solutions for their challenges.


Learn to be a Change Master. See Different, Be Different.



Environment :



Knowledge is doubling at a dizzy pace. The winners are those capable of expanding time, creating dynamic relationships, and extending their unique qualities in conjunction with like-minded people. This program utilizes experiential training modules and exercises. The style of facilitation is wholistic, non-confrontational and supportive. Core Value Training creates a safe space for profound inner work, gentle healing, and inspired visualization. We provide the platform for synergy, innovation, leverage and self actualization.




Program Overview :



The focus for this 4-day program will be in-depth personal development work. Inclusive in this experiential learning process will be emphasis on developing interpersonal communication skills, eliminating habits that don’t work, and creating a powerful, personal vision for your own life.




Should you attend :



Accelerated skill creation and application, deeper self understanding and rediscovering your Core Values that will sustain you on the road ahead. Compelling insights and leading edge distinctions that will result in breakthrough thinking. The main issue: What will it take to get you to reinvent yourself?




Who Should Attend :



Business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, professionals and those who want to create consistent, sustainable growth in their personal and professional lives. This program is for those who dare to change their destiny. This is not a casual training where you just sit back and soak it in. You will be involved in co-creating a Future you can only imagine. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.




Language English

Venue Think Office – Alexandria 

Date & Timing The course takes place upon request 

Tuition Fees Especial Offer.

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