Communication Skills :




























Program Objectives :


To develop the basic Communication Skills needed for effectively trade with others.


Overview :


The big challenge in any training program is not mainly in the theory but, rather in its practicality. Think Consultant at this unique course focuses on practices, and role plays on how to be a good communicator.
In this training program, most of the communication skills problems will be tackled. The course will take you from the basic communication module going through how our perception affects the way we deal with external life, to the skills needed to be a good communicator. Those skills can be summarized as follows: skills needed to be a good listener, skills needed to be a good speaker, the effect of our body language on our communication, knowing yourself and people and how this can affect the way we communicate with them and finally how to give a constructive feedback.


“The talent of communication is the language of leadership.”


Who should attend :


All employees in the organization at any level & with any number of years of experience. This course is designed to teach everyone in the organization how to effectively communicate with internal & external clients as well as him at the first place.


Language:English Or Arabic  


Venue : Alexandria – Think Consultant Office


Date & Timing : Upon Request


Tuition Deposit : LE 75


Curriculum :


The course is designed so that we make sure that what you learned in this course is applicable, measurable and efficient 


Our curriculum is divided mainly into 5 modules :


• Definition of Communication
• Communication model
• Intrapersonal Communication Perception


Types of misunderstanding :


• Interpersonal Communication


• Emotional Bank account


• Forms of communication    


• Recall of verbal communication    


• Listening    


• Speaking     


• linking between listening and speaking skills to effective communication     


• The feedback process     


• Communication and trust     


• Communication Barriers    

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