Decision Making & Creative Problem Solving :


The most important asset of any business is the knowledge, skills and abilities of its human resources. Think Consultant assists you in developing your employees in a cost effective way by offering custom training programs. These programs, offered for 3 or more participants, provide critical knowledge and skills necessary in today’s competitive marketplace. And as part of an established university you know we will continue to be here to serve you as a resource even after the training.



Program Objectives : 



The Decision Making & Problem Solving training is intended to ease the business capability of effectively analyzing, planning and measuring the success of solution for problems that face the individuals/ organizations.



Overview :



The program approaches the problem solving techniques in a data-based and structured way. It also targets to transfer the knowledge of structured decision making to the participants, including all the needed tools and analysis techniques.
The outcome of the training session would be equipping the participants with a very strong set of tools and processes that will aid them to solve any individual/ organizational problems effectively. It will also aid them to solve problems both on an individual basis and as part of a team as well. The training will alleviate the participants’ decision-making capability.
The session includes a very extensive problem solving case study that would help assess the understanding of the participants.



Who should attend :



Employees in any discipline of 1-5 years of experience.



Language: English



Venue :Think Office - Alexandria



Date & Timing : The course takes place upon request.  



Tuition Fees : Especial offer.



Program of study :

• Hindrances to decision-making and effective problem solving
• Effect of environment on decision-making and problem solving
• Characteristics of the team / person
• What are the steps of decision-making? 
• Decision making analysis and evaluation
• Problem recognition / definition
• Problem analysis
• Developing possible solutions
• Solutions evaluation and selection
• Implementing chosen solutions
• Solution evaluation
• Problem solving learning





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