Effectual Advanced Time Management :


Program Objectives :



Use time in the most efficient and effective way



Overview :



The most important asset of any business is the knowledge, skills and abilities of its human resources. Think Consultant assists you in developing your employees in a cost effective way by offering custom training programs. These programs, offered for 3 or more participants, provide critical knowledge and skills necessary in today’s competitive marketplace. And as part of an established university you know we will continue to be here to serve you as a resource even after the training.
In this training program, several time management challenges will be tackled. Among which is the ability to look at the big picture of your life and the issue of differentiating between what is Urgent and what is Important. Also the course will get exposed to scheduling your daily tasks in order to track every task and make sure it is done.

“Time stays long sufficient for those who use it.”



Who should attend :



All employees in the organization at several level and with any number of years of experience. This course is designed to coach everyone in the business how to administer and better use their time for achieving the organization and individual goals.



Language: English or arabic 



Venue :Think Office - Alexandria



Date & Timing : Upon Request .



Tuition Fees deposit  : 75 LE.



Program of study :



The course is designed so that we make sure that what you learned in this course is applicable, measurable and efficient



Our curriculum is divided mainly into 6 modules:
• Generations of time management
• Time management wind
• Time matrix
• Setting priorities
• Planning, Scheduling and Delegation
• Self-discipline





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