Emotional Intelligence :


The most important asset of any business is the knowledge, skills and abilities of its human resources. Think Consultant assists you in developing your employees in a cost effective way by offering custom training programs. These programs, offered for 3 or more participants, provide critical knowledge and skills necessary in today’s competitive marketplace. And as part of an established university you know we will continue to be here to serve you as a resource even after the training.



Program Objectives :



To understand what Emotional Intelligence means, how emotionally intelligent you are, and how to bring intelligence to emotion.



Overview :



Emotional Intelligence is basically how you understand yourself and other people, and how you approach crucial relationships. It is involved in issues that are in every aspect of your home, social and work life.
This course is based on Thomas International’s Emotional Intelligence Assessment that measures your understanding of yourself and of other people, and your ability to use this knowledge to achieve your goals. 
Research suggests that emotional intelligence accounts for as much as 31% of success in the management contexts. An emotional intelligence test will enable you to measure them.



Who should attend :



All managerial level employees who are willing to improve the performance and outcome of their teams through leading them with Emotional Intelligence.

This can help them manage their people better, equip individuals with the skills to be more successful, facilitate more productive teams and enable better communication throughout the organization.



Language: English or arabic 



Venue :Think Office - Alexandria



Date & Timing : The course takes place upon request .  



Tuition Fees deposit  : Especial offer.



Program of study :



This 2-day exercise is a very unique program that is customized by tackling the exact needs of each participant. The program starts by giving the participants an Emotional Intelligence Assessment by Thomas International. Think takes the participants through the Emotional Intelligence Framework while referring to their scores on each aspect of that framework. This will have benefits in both their work performance and social life.



• What is Emotional intelligence? 
• Why Emotional intelligence? 
• EQ vs. IQ 
• The Emotional intelligence framework: 
     - Four Factors of Emotional Intelligence and their Facets 
        1. Well-Being 
        2. Self-Control 
        3. Emotionality 
        4. Sociability 
     - Facets of Emotional intelligence 
     - Promoting the Facets 
  • Implications





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